Thixotropic anchoring resin


Product description

WILLBOLT® is a silicate resin (particularly for bolting) injection material for bolting and stabilize dry, damp and wet zones in geological fault zones. Their low reaction temperature allows their use in the coal mining industry. The hardening of silicate resins is not affected by water and the cured resin is cuttable. Depending on the soil conditions, non-foaming silicate resins are used in front of TBM drilling heads for stabilization.


Product details


  • non foaming, non -flammable silicate resin
  • immediate high viscosity (after mixing the comp A and comp B)
  • instantly thickening, fast reacting 2-comp silicate resin for grouting of rock bolts. (even over-head bolting) 
  • very good designed also for watering and wet boreholes
  • The system use with different mixing ratio causes the reaction time changes and mechanical strength changes

Main usages:

  • for application with injection bolts e.g.SDA by injection process. (steel and GRP bolts)
  • even bonding of solid bolts, bonding of rock bolts by mortar-filling process


Technical specifications

Cure time (20°C):Slow 7 ± 1 (s)    Fast 3.5 ± 0.5 (s)  
Foam Factor:1
Mixing ratio:1:1
Compressive strength20.7 MPa
TDS & MSDS on request 


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